What is coaching?

There are many ways to answer this question, and I am still mining the gifts of coaching daily. For me, coaching brings AWARENESS with the added power and speed that you can not get from a conversation with yourself. With that awareness, coaching can support you to: 

  • Notice old and familiar patterns

  • See what you want and what is in the way

  • Make dreams come true

  • Choose from an empowered place

  • Build confidence

  • Love yourself completely

  • Embrace your flaws and build on your strengths (because it is all you, and it is all perfect)

Curious about my own journey with coaching?

Today is a good day to have a


How I Can Help You


An experience of what is possible from coaching

45 min


"Christine has helped me get the wheels turning

on plans and projects that I thought were rusted up for good."

~ Marcus 


"Christine is a great life coach. She is very personable, and has a kind and gentle approach. She has helped me to realize areas I can improve on which I was never able to see on my own. She also helps push me out of my old habits and find new and better ways to live me life. I would highly recommend Christine as a coach."

~ Shanna