Passionate About Inspiring Others

I always wanted to be a teacher. I was one of those kids that from the age of 6 that new what I wanted to be when I grew up. I also loved music. I played the piano, as well as took violin and guitar lessons. I sang in choir, played flute in band, and composed. So it was no surprise that I became a music teacher and opened a music school. I married an amazing man, also a musician, and we grew our family to include 3 incredible boys. 


And something was missing…..


I was Burnt Out. Depressed. Overwhelmed. There was scarcity wherever I looked. Not enough money, not enough time, not enough connection or community. I was doing it all alone and felt completely isolated. This was not the life I was meant to live. Could there be something more for me?


And so an opportunity came to change my career, possible move into something that, in theory, would allow me more time. More money! More! I was stuck and at a crossroads. A friend suggested I work with a coach. What!? A coach? I wrestled with it. And then leaned in and set up my discovery session.


A year later I wouldn’t recognize the person I was before. While working with my coach - 

I found my voice, my courage, and my passion. I learned I had the capacity to create great things.

I found joy again. I learned to dwell in this beautiful new world of possibility. I chose to stay with my music school business and worked to expand it. I began working LESS, and at the same time, my school doubled in size and profit. 


The growth I experienced was so incredible that I wanted more. I knew the skills I would develop as Coach would allow to grow my business further and support my life purpose. And so I enrolled in Accomplishment Coaching.


Now it is my gift to give this incredible experience to others in my community. To support men and women in discovering their strengths and truth, igniting them, and bring them into the world. Let’s light it up together!

Christine is a wonderful listener, incredibly intuitive, and highly

pragmatic and has found her calling as a life coach. She sees the best in you and

helps you to build a plan for how to put your strengths and passions to work.

Equal parts business adviser, coach, and cheerleader,

Christine helps yo to bring your vision to life. I highly recommend her services

to anyone who is looking for transformation.

~ Linda Gould, Educator, Composer, Business Woman